Life's Path with Lori B, Lori B, Psychic Medium

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"I was comfortable with Lori right away as she is very kind and explains everything that she has the remarkable ability to do. I was lucky enough to experience two readings with her. One was part of a group of 13 women and the other was smaller, just 3 of us. Both experiences were amazing. I found so much comfort in knowing my loved ones are watching over us and that they are happy! The details she conveyed were spot on with each of my grandparents and could not be confused for anyone else. I will treasure the experience. 

Thank you Lori!! "

~ Christine


"I've had the opportunity to participate in 3 group readings with Lori and am in awe of her gift and generosity in sharing it. The messages received from my loved ones were comforting and reassuring. Lori thoughtfully conveys the messages with such kindness, detail and accuracy that I've encouraged many people I know to meet with her too."

~ Carolyn R


"I just had my first reading with Lori as she came highly recommended and it was everything I hoped for. It felt like I was sitting with someone I had known for years. Lori makes you feel comfortable and calm as it can be a very emotional experience. I couldn’t of had a better reading. She was spot on and very specific. Before I could finish a sentence she finished it for me so I knew she was the real deal. I walked away feeling happy and positive about the future. I look forward to many more readings with her to continue my healing process."

~ Jessica D


"Lori is truly gifted and shares her gift with others to bring comfort. She takes special care in delivering messages from loved ones and facilitates the healing process. She is very discreet and sensitive. Grateful for this experience."

~ Nisha P


"Lori focused intently on trying to connect with my loved ones that have passed and she came through remarkably! 

My husbands loved ones seemed to want to talk to me and she made sure I heard all the things they had to say! Thank you Lori!"

~ Colleen C


"Lori bought my mother back to life in all her essence. She communicated themes and details that no one could have known. My reading with Lori gave me another opportunity to seek my mother’s advice and loving guidance. I am very appreciative and grateful that Lori is sharing her talents with us in this way. Thanks Lori!"

~ Anonymous


"Lori is the real deal. This was my first reading with Lori and I was blown away by what she was telling me about my people on the other side. There were things that only I knew and no way that she or anyone else would know. 

Don’t hesitate...book an appointment!!!"

~ Shelby K


"Lori has such a special gift and she was able to provide me with comfort and brought back a lot of wonderful childhood memories. It comforted me to know my loved ones are together and happy and looking after my family and I. I can’t thank Lori enough for this positive, amazing experience that I will treasure forever."

~ Jaclyn C


"So often people are scared to speak to a psychic myself included. I have always been worried that they would tell me something bad or something that would scare me. Well I shared this with Lori because I was nervous going into this. Not only did she dissipate any fears I had she put me at ease. I felt a sense of calm and felt so happy after connecting with her. It was truly a great experience. She told me things only I would know and walked through things and answered questions. If you have ever been nervous about doing a reading but really wanted to I would say after this experience it is truly a gift. I am so glad I did this and would recommend Lori and definitely will have another reading. 

Thank you Lori for sharing your gift with me.."

~ Kathy H


"Lori is truly gifted in connecting and comforting. I had the pleasure of speaking to her on the phone and she instantly put me at ease before relaying messages from a departed loved one. She knew specific details that could not be searched. And she took the utmost of care in being sensitive, compassionate and honest. I will forever be thankful to Lori for sharing her talents with my family to help us heal and move forward."

~ Nisha P


"Lori has a special gift! She brought back so many special memories for me that really touched my heart deeply. It was so comforting to know that my loved ones were together and watching from above. Lori was amazingly accurate and so warm and genuine. I felt like I’ve known her all my life . I was truly blessed to have this reading and I look forward to more in the near future! Thank u Lori! 

You’re one special lady that I adore!"

~ Melissa M


"I spoke to Lori over the phone and immediately felt comfortable. She was so sweet and comforting. We got into the reading and she started hitting points right away. I was very happy with my experience and looking forward to seeing her in the future."

~ Lisa R


"Lori was wonderful!  It was my first reading and she helped walk me through it every step of the way.  I was desperate to connect with my father who has recently passed and she was able to not only communicate with him, but give me very specific details and memories.  It was a very emotional reading for me and she was so warm and supportive.  She was truly amazing and it helped me feel connected to my father again.  I am so grateful to have had the opportunity sit with her.  

She has a true gift and i look forward to meeting with Lori again!"

~ Lisa C


"I have had the privilege of having several readings by Lori. These were experiences I will treasure for many years. I found Lori to be caring, articulate, and an extremely gifted individual. Her readings provided answers and closure where needed with overwhelming accuracy. Lori went above and beyond a simple reading, but would follow up with me days later to answer any further questions I may have had. She, in my opinion, is a wonderful human being with an amazing gift she has chosen to share with the world. 

You will not be disappointed."
~ Michele K